Who are MIT Dems?

After a 13-year hiatus, MIT Democrats is back.
We’re a group of undergraduate and graduate students at MIT interested in progressive politics from Cambridge City Hall to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Our main goals are to:

  • organize students to stand up against Donald Trump’s inflammatory policies
  • get students informed and involved in local politics
  • host progressive speakers on campus

Interested in getting involved? Subscribe to our mailing list! And if you have any questions, please contact us by email.


We would appreciate any donations to our club to help us fund outreach events, voter registration drives, invited speakers, and more.
Since we are an MIT student group, donations are done through MIT via http://web.mit.edu/giving/.

Exec Board

Davi da Silva – Co-President

Caroline Mak – Co-President

Francisco Valerio Proskauer – Events Chair

Preksha Naik – Treasurer

Elizabeth Han – Secretary

Jaclyn Baughman – Communications Director

Venkatesh Sivaraman – Webmaster

Seiji Engelkemier – Webmaster

Kit Haines – Webmaster

Emma Batson – Publicity